The Principal is the key leader and manager in the school.  The Principal's role is managing the educational, administrative and financial operations of the school.  Responsibilities include:

  • implementing systemic policies;
  • implementing school policies;
  • providing advice and support to the school council;
  • assessing students' needs;
  • evaluating school policies and programs;
  • leading, counselling and supervising staff;
  • facilitating professional development of the school community;
  • establishing administrative structures and procedures;
  • facilitating a safe, secure environment;
  • encouraging community involvement; and
  • liaising with other agencies.

Assistant Principal

The role of the Assistant Principal at Birrong Public School is to:

  • support the Principal in providing effective school leadership by promoting a collaborative school culture based on the shared management of educational programs, which reflect the needs and vision of the school community;
  • provide effective implementation of all school and departmental policies and procedures for Years K-6;
  • develop, implement and evaluate student welfare policies and procedures;
  • create a successful learning environment across the school, building staff cohesiveness, defining performance expectations and providing professional support;
  • model professionalism, skills, attitudes and values which are conducive to creating excellent, stimulating and successful learning environments;
  • provide ongoing professional support through varied supervisory practices and staff development; and
  • demonstrate and model professional behaviour consistent with the Code of Conduct.

Classroom Teacher

The role of the Teacher at Birrong Public School is to:

  • implement school policies, programs and procedures consistent with Departmental and school requirements and priorities;
  • plan, implement and evaluate teaching/learning programs which effectively satisfy and stimulate the intellectual, emotional, social, moral and physical needs of the individual child;
  • provide a positive, varied, interesting and motivating learning environment, which ensures student success, positive student interaction and builds self-esteem;
  • prevent foreseeable dangers and provide a legal duty of care to all students at all times;
  • liaise effectively with parents, colleagues, professional services and outside school agencies to ensure individual student needs are met; and
  • demonstrate and model professional behaviour consistent with the Code of Conduct.


The Teacher-Librarian is both an educator and resource manager, with an integrated understanding of both areas.  The Teacher-Librarian works in partnership with classroom teachers to provide students with:

  • opportunities to develop an interest in reading for knowledge and pleasure;
  • access to an extensive collection of up-to-date resources;
  • a comprehensive computer-skills program with whole class, group and individual instruction;
  • an ongoing information skills program to develop effective research strategies;
  • a stimulating learning space for classes, specialised groups or individuals.

ESL Teachers

Students whose first language is not English often need help with their language skills in English.  ESL students may be students who are new arrivals to the country or who have been learning English for a number of years.  Learning a second language takes time, and ESL students need continued support throughout their school years.

Children are involved in withdrawal groups or remain in their classrooms for assistance from both the classroom and ESL teachers.  ESL teachers are trained to help students with speaking, reading and writing.

Learning and Support Teacher

Birrong Public School has a Learning and Support Teacher who teaches children who need extra support.  This support is provided through a developmental program to assist their required need(s) and enhance aspects of their schoolwork.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early intervention program designed to reduce the number of children with reading and writing difficulties that persist throughout their schooling.  It selects young children (Year 1) who have low achievement in reading and writing and, through individual work, the teacher tries to bring them to ‘average levels' of performance for their school year.  Only teachers with specific training in Reading Recovery act as the Reading Recovery teacher.  Students usually remain on the Reading Recovery Program for 15-20 weeks.

School Counsellor

The school has a School Counsellor working in the school two days per week.  The counsellor tests and assesses children who may be showing a learning disability, counsels children who may be experiencing emotional and social problems, assists teachers in the design of programs to address educational, social and emotional needs of children who warrant concern, assists in the placement of children in specialist classes.  Teachers or the Principal may refer children to the counsellor.  Before testing children, the counsellor will first seek written parental permission.

Parents may make an appointment (through the school office) to speak to the counsellor about matters of concern regarding their children's learning and development.  The counsellor also has knowledge of and contact with outside agencies.

School Learning Support Officers (SLSO)

SLSOs, under the direction and supervision of a teacher, assist in classroom activities, school routines, and the care and management of students with special needs.

At Birrong our SLSOs support teachers in implementing Individual Educational Programs for the students with special needs. They assist in the provision of opportunities for students to develop academically, socially and personally to their full potential in a safe environment.

 SRE Teacher

Representatives from various religions attend our school weekly. Scripture is held each Wednesday.

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child's wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer your enquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.